What is IT MSP?

IT MSP? Another techy acronym or a cost saving addition to your business? Do you have employees wearing more than one hat? Are you on top of the latest IT developments to balance IT and business productivity? Have you planned for the future of your IT and kept up with the critical upgrades to ensure […](more)

DELL EMC Gold Partner Accreditation – 2018

Practical Networks have partnered with DELL (now DELL EMC) since our company started in 2001 and the partnership has grown from strength to strength over the years. We are recognised as one of the leading DELL EMC partners in the northern UK region and our contribution and expertise with DELL products and services was further […](more)

Virtualisation Case Study – Gateshead College

With 300 virtual machines on 14 physical servers means 80% savings in power usage alone. Uptime is raised to approximately 98% with improved reliability and business continuity is now proven rather than desired.(more)


Virtualisation Practical Networks

Practical Networks is a certified VMware Enterprise Solution Partner with Infrastructure; Desktop and Academic specialisations.  We will deliver your organisation cost-effective and resilient virtualisation solutions from the leading suppliers. Virtualisation can greatly increase IT agility, flexibility and scalability while creating significant cost savings.  Moving to a virtual infrastructure – be it Server, Desktop or Application – your […](more)