Case Studies Wireless Case Study – Hungate Cottages

Trip Advisor reviews improve for rural holiday accommodation

Hungate Cottages are located on the outskirts of the delightful historic town of Pickering, North Yorkshire.  There are a number of highly individual holiday cottages with the unique appeal of being a short walk from the town centre, whilst at the same time retaining the tranquility of their rural setting.

Most of us are familiar with the challenges of internet coverage in a rural setting – and aware of the power of Facebook, Trip Advisor and Twitter when it comes to holiday bookings.

The Situation

These cottages had an autonomous wireless solution installed that used a mesh system to connect across the site. This system provided very little benefits in terms of roam facilities or user security.  The wireless mesh was described by the users of social media as ‘flaky’.

Guest expectations of Internet access has been increasing over recent years – with most expecting a good broadband connection with little interruption.  Unfortunately the guests were experiencing slow speeds from the access points and on occasions no connection at all.  This resulted in negative comments on Facebook and Trip Advisor.

In the first instance the accommodation was upgraded to fibre in the hope that this would improve things.  It provided better bandwidth, but still offered guests slow and intermittent speeds through the WIFI access points and mesh system.

The Solution

Hungate Cottages contacted Practical Networks for advice on how to improve the wireless provision available to guests.

We carried out a site survey and found that the main issue was the wireless infrastructure. Our team then went on to provide Hungate Cottages with two options to improve their wireless – both of which meant the removal of the old mesh system in favour of a fully cabled solution.

Hungate Cottages decided on the site-wide, Cisco Light Weight wireless option.  Which included the following:

  • Fully cabled access points via cat5e and fibre connections
  • Improving site access points for optimum coverage
  • Upgrading access points for good client compatibility
  • Fully managed system
  • Site wide roaming
  • User security

The Result

Since this solution was installed Hungate Cottages have received excellent connectivity and reviews from guests has been extremely positive relating to their wireless provision.