Cyber-Security Simplified: Ransomware

Cyber-Security Simplified: Ransomware There's not a day goes by without news about yet another cyber attack and we're constantly hearing the words Ransomware, Virus, Hack, DDOS, Phishing, Spam, CEO Fraud, etc but what do these really mean? In this blog, we'll explain about the most financially lucrative cybersecurity threat around today: RANSOMWARE.  We'll tell you what ransomware is,  how it happens and how you should protect your business reducing the ransomware...(more)

Don’t Get Caught in the Phishing Net

KnowBe4 phishing

Don't Get Caught in the Phishing Net Did you know that 91% of successful data breaches started with a spear phishing attack? Find out what percentage of your employees are Phish-prone™ (susceptibility to phishing attacks) with your free KnowBe4 phishing security test. Plus, see how you stack up against your peers with the new phishing Industry Benchmarks! IT pros have realized that simulated phishing tests are urgently needed as an additional...(more)

Avoiding hacks in 2019

KnowBe4 phishing

Here at Practical Networks, one of our primary aims is to provide you and your business ongoing awareness and recommendation of the necessary cyber defences needed to attempt to stay ahead of cyber criminals. In this blog we’ll discuss how to stay protected, some of the main threats out there and how you should protect yourself. As always, our recommendation is avoiding complacency and never think it won’t happen to you. ...(more)

Layered Defense Strategy

The layered approach is used to analyse weak spots in your IT system.  The concept of layered security is key to a strong and successful defence strategy. The approach uses multiple lines of defence to repel potential attacks and is based on the principle that no single form of protection is enough to stop a determined cybercriminal. But it’s not just about applying multiple defences. Analysing weak spots in an IT...(more)

Windows 7 Goes End of Life

Windows 7 End of Life

EOL 2020: Extended Support Ending in 2020 (more…)(more)

Safetica Analysis Report of Internal Security

Safetica security software offers a full DLP (Data Leak Prevention) solution which covers a wide range of security threats that originate from a common source - the human factor. Users work with business critical data, access the internet, read emails, send documents to the printer and plug in their portable media. [pdf-embedder url="" title="Analysis of internal security"](more)

What is IT MSP?

IT MSP? Another techy acronym or a cost saving addition to your business? Do you have employees wearing more than one hat? Are you on top of the latest IT developments to balance IT and business productivity? Have you planned for the future of your IT and kept up with the critical upgrades to ensure compliance and system security? Are you considering employing a new member of staff to run your...(more)

Cybersmart Automated Compliance Service

Cyber Essential was developed by GCHQ, IASME and ISF as a baseline cyber security initiative and has the highest rate of adoption of any other security standard since April 2014. Lancaster University have said that 99.3% of cyber-attacks were mitigated by SME’s using Cyber Essential’s. Cyber Essentials is becoming the prerequisite for SME’s and larger companies who tender for government or public sector supplier contracts. It demonstrates to your customers that...(more)

Hosted Telephony Services for VoIP Cloud IP

Practical Networks Ltd are delighted to announce that we are now able to offer Hosted Cloud IP telephony, to both new and existing customers. Our Cloud-based managed IP telephony service is a hosted VoIP service designed specifically for businesses The Cloud-based design of our hosted IP telephony service provides everything that you would normally expect from a business quality phone system plus more flexibility and without the initial high capital expenditure...(more)

Why Should I Use CCTV To View My Business?

We are constantly being told that security is key across all walks of life and we need to protect the safety and possessions of all individuals. Your home and your business premises are built to provide homeowners and companies with protection against the weather. They are furnished and decorated to provide comfort; IT and machinery are installed to facilitate a professional business environment. Unfortunately some criminals also consider crime to be...(more)

Which New Laws Are On Their Way

The digital world is changing and it is being driven by data. People are starting to be concerned that their personal data will be used inappropriately or even without their knowledge. In this new episode of the digital revolution we need to balance our data services whilst protecting privacy. A decade ago we lived in a totally different digital world. Because of this, the laws and regulations within the UK are...(more)

Is Your Structured Cabling Up To Speed?

As we all know too well, technology does not stand still. Manufacturers of data and voice over IP ( VOIP) network servers and switches are trying to make their hardware deliver faster speeds with almost every upgrade of their products, so choosing the right cabling infrastructure is vital even if you are a small accountants office, a large manufacturing facility or a college multi-site campus, your cabling is the life blood...(more)

The 3-2-1 Backup Rule

2017 was definitely the year for ransom-ware attacks and the WannaCry and NotPetya malware mass infections brought this to the forefront of public attention. Now we're firmly into 2018, we don't expect the threats to cease, in fact there are some rumours companies are stockpiling crypto-currency ready to pay if their data is lost.  If you don't have adequate protection in place ( you should have, but speak to us if...(more)

Is it finally time to outsource your IT Department?

How many times did you hear this in 2017? The IT staff will have to spend more time on maintaining workstations and providing desktop support instead of focusing on core activities again Do we have to make do with our existing legacy IT infrastructures for another year ? How did the IT storage room became cluttered with so many spare monitors, keyboards and computers again? Why did the cost of IT...(more)