Wireless Case Study – Hungate Cottages

Trip Advisor reviews improve for rural holiday accommodation thanks to wireless solution from Practical Networks(more)

Wireless Practical Networks


As experts in the design, installation and maintenance of Wireless LANs; we provide secure wireless networks specifically designed around the demands of your business. Mobile devices and BYOD initiatives are ever increasing in the modern workplace, school or college.  Practical Networks fully understand that having a wireless network that performs well and meets your demands is […](more)

Case Studies

It all begins with listening. We take the time to understand our customers’ requirements and work with them to build a solution. This approach means we have developed a long-standing reputation for delivering quality IT support services. You can see some of our customer reviews by clicking this link or click the icons below to read […](more)


Want to forget about technology and get on with what you do best? Hands-on, fuss-free, IT services for business’s and organisations who need their technology to work(more)