Cyber Essentials Practitioner Award

All of this early spring sunshine has lifted our spirits once again and we are very proud to announce that we have received our Certificate of Compliance with Cyber Essentials. Not only did we achieve success with compliance but we also achieved the additional qualification as one of only 3, QC, Cyber Essentials Practitioners based in North Yorkshire. This means that we can now assist you in achieving your own qualification for Cyber Essentials.

QG Management Standards are one of only five organisations approved by the UK Government to manage the Cyber Essentials process.

As a QG Accredited Cyber Essentials (ACE) Practitioner we can offer advice in the following areas;

  1. Boundary firewalls
  2. Secure configuration
  3. Access control
  4. Malware protection
  5. Patch management

Cyber Essentials is an excellent starting point on your journey to GDPR Compliance. For more information please ring one of our ACE Practitioners on 01723 587240