Music on Hold Messages

A Message On Hold system can reduce caller hang-ups by nearly 79%

Keep your clients informed and engaged while they wait. We know that every call is important to you, so don’t lose willing customers when they’re ready to listen. An easy and effective solution tailored to you and your business.

Create your personalised Music on Hold production with us


Don’t waste the potential gained from every call and leave them in silence! Engage your clients for those vital few seconds when you can’t reach them.

Complete your message with a soundtrack that fits your branding and company image. Reassure your customers and thank them for their patience, use this time to it’s fullest potential.

Make sure the voice of your business is “Professional, Friendly, and Competent”. First impressions are everything.


Practical Networks have a simple to use audio production web page.
On this page you will find all the ideas you need to create your music on hold production. Click the button below to get started.