Is Your Structured Cabling Up To Speed?

As we all know too well, technology does not stand still. Manufacturers of data and voice over IP ( VOIP) network servers and switches are trying to make their hardware deliver faster speeds with almost every upgrade of their products, so choosing the right cabling infrastructure is vital even if you are a small accountants office, a large manufacturing facility or a college multi-site campus, your cabling is the life blood of your company.

The structured cabling you have installed dictates how fast your network will run. You can purchase the fastest servers and switches available today but if your data cabling is only rated for 1GB then 1GB is how fast your network will be.  Think of it like buying a fantastic new sports car with a top speed of 150mph but local speed limits dictate that you can only ever do 30mph or below. In real life your new server wont go as fast as it’s been designed to but it will definitely look great ( we do not recommend opening your server up, jumping in and taking it for a spin by the way !)

Once you’ve confirmed what speed network you want, the proverbial can of worms opens: What’s your cable run lengths? Do you want CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7 ? Is fibre-optic required and should it be single mode, multi-mode Fibre Optic? Should you get it certified?  Do you want convergence of voice and data? Do you want power over Ethernet (POE)? Is there a WIFI requirement? Is CCTV used ? Is your head starting to ache with all these questions?

Can’t someone take this hassle away from me and give me a network that just works without slowdowns?  That’s where we can come in ! With our data cabling division, we’re  one of Yorkshire’s leading cable installation specialists offering services such as:

  • Comprehensive site surveys and reports for existing installations.
  • Retrofit/upgrade old legacy Ethernet cabling
  • Repair/replacement of old/damaged fibre-optics
  • New CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7 Ethernet installations supporting speeds up to 10GB
  • New single mode, multi-mode fibre optic cabling supporting 1gb, 10gb, 40gb and even 100gb connections
  • WIFI Site surveys and reports

So if you think your network cabling is creaking, slowing you down or you have a requirement for fibre-optic, WIFI or CCTV deployments please call us on 01723 587240, we’ll get your IT infrastructure up to speed and remove those slowdowns which are giving you headaches.