The UK’s First Safewhere Premium Partner

Practical Networks Ltd are pleased to announce that we are now the UK’s First Safewhere Premium Partner, after completing the necessary advanced training sessions.

Safewhere is a Danish software provider specialising in Identity and Access Management (IAM) or Single Sign-on (SSO) as it is sometimes known as. The Safewhere Identify platform is one of the most comprehensive and flexible identity management solutions in the market, and is built for handling even the most complex IAM-challenges, enabling organisations to effectively manage the complete identity lifecycle of all their identities (users) across all your applications and devices. In essence, the Identify Platform can provide any user smart and secure single sign-on access to any business application with any type of authentication.

Identify acts as a central “Federated Identity Broker” between applications and users, to ensure that all users have the correct access rights to the relevant applications. In addition to this, Identify can provision applications with the correct identity information for new users, users who change their role and users who leave the organisation.

Identify uses identity federation and identity provisioning to centralise and simplify IAM and authentication of all desktop applications, web applications and web services, regardless of where they are located.  Identify supports any identity, any authentication method, any application and any identity store or directory. This includes support for the open standards SAML 1.1, SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, WS-Federation and WS-Trust, making it possible to use social logins like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. With its own flexible identity store, Identify can easily be integrated with other identity stores, such as Active Directory, payroll systems, HR Systems etc. As more applications are connected to Safewhere Identify, users will experience Single Sign-On when moving between them.

10 Benefits of using Safewhere:

  1. Simplified user management

Reduce the costs and complexity of managing your users’ identities and access rights. Safewhere’s Identify platform centralises all user management.

  1. Single Sign-in

Improve efficiency and access to applications with single sign-on. Safewhere’s Identify platform provides single sign-on to any on-premises or cloud application.

  1. Password Reset

Increase employee efficiency and reduce the help desk workload, With the Identify Platform end users can reset their own password.

  1. Secure access from any device

Adaptive authentication enables you to set a different level of security for each application and device.

  1. Directory Integration

Provide all users access to applications on your domain without extra license costs. The Identify Platform allows you to synchronise users with different directories.

  1. Multi-factor authentication

Increase data security. With the Safewhere Identify Platform you can set up multi-factor authentication, using your preferred authentication methods.

  1. 20+ authentication methods

Increase interaction with your users by allowing them to authenticate with one of their existing identities. Choose from more than 20 authentication methods.

  1. Quick reaction to security events

Extended options for logging and reporting makes it possible to detect, prevent and respond quickly to security events.

  1. Great flexibility

Multitenant architecture for unlimited scalability and unlimited customisability.

  1. Proven Technology

Strong customer references across various segments. Safewhere has delivered solutions across multiple private and public companies in multiple countries.

For further information about Safewhere please contact us on 01723 587240 or email us at