What is IT MSP?

IT MSP? Another techy acronym or a cost saving addition to your business?

Do you have employees wearing more than one hat? Are you on top of the latest IT developments to balance IT and business productivity? Have you planned for the future of your IT and kept up with the critical upgrades to ensure compliance and system security?

Are you considering employing a new member of staff to run your IT? For a fraction of the cost coupled with savings gained from your staff training your MSP can solve most issues remotely using its already trained individuals.

So what is MSP? Managed Service Provider is an external company who businesses like yours contract to manage their IT infrastructure. Put simply they will become your IT department.

Today’s software is generally user friendly. However when it stops working, this is when you realise that there isn’t a simple solution and time is of the essence. Your MSP deals with a larger group of businesses like yours and has a greater understanding of the most popular software products in the workplace so it has the expertise to fix rather than bandage the problem.

All technology will eventually have issues or become obsolete, if this is continuous problem then partnering with a quality IT MSP is your solution. This will assure you that a team of experts are in control of your systems.

Virtualisation Practical Networks

Do you have sensitive data and documentation that you can’t afford to lose?

GDPR and cyber-attacks are growing concerns to today’s modern business and your MSP already has solutions for these.

Services like disaster recovery, data backups, data encryption and off site data storage can mitigate any future risks to your business.

Are you concerned about connectivity and bandwidth, network monitoring or virtualisation?

Look at this …..Virtualisation


Is your IT budget unpredictable?

To reduce your overall costs and overheads, to ensure that your budgets are fixed why not use an MSP with an upfront setup or transition fee and an ongoing flat or near-fixed monthly fee which benefits you by providing a predictable IT support cost.

MSP’s focus on remote monitoring and management of servers and networks, the scope of an MSP’s services expanded to include mobile device management, managed security, remote firewall administration and security-as-a-service.

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