What We Do Disaster Recovery

Imagine having all of your important business data, work and customer information gone in an instant ? Could your business operate and more importantly could your business survive ? 

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In todays high tech world, the majority of business rely completely on their IT systems to operate on a day to day basis and access to this data is vital.  Loss of service and data can strike when you least expect it from the opening of an infected email attachment to other disasters such as fire or flood resulting in days or weeks of non production or even possibly business closure.

The statistics:

  • 20% of companies will suffer fire, flood, power failure or hardware/software failure causing huge disruption each year
  • Over 70% of business involved in a major disaster, 1 – never reopen or 2– subsequently fail shortly after reopening.
  • 80 % of business suffering a major disaster, go out of business within 3 years
  • 1/2 of business never return to the marketplace following a major disaster
  • In the case of fire 44% of business fail to reopen
  • Companies that fail to reopen within 10 days of a disaster hit are not likely to survive
  • The survival rate of companies without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10%

Threats to your data include Human error; Viruses; Bugs; Malware, Ransomware, Loss of building access or power as well as man made and natural disasters and you and your business never want to suffer the inability to access your data, regardless of the catastrophe.

As technology has evolved recovery of critical data and even servers is much easier and less time consuming but needs to be planned for and tested.  Practical Networks can ensure your business is secure in the event of data loss with onsite and cloud backups; custom recovery solutions including full server farms to onsite and offsite replica hosts as well as business workplace recovery in the event of full building loss.

Don’t leave your critical data and server farm in the hands of carelessness – Practical Networks works alongside you and educates you on how we are implementing the correct data recovery solutions to protect your business. Speak to us today about backup, disaster recovery and even workplace recovery solutions on 01723 587240 or email us on info@practicalnetworks.co.uk

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